Saturday, November 23, 2013

leak proof coffee mug


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Presently, it is very common to own a travel mug .

And choosing the most effective tumbler to choose from is rather challenging to do since you can find lots of types, brand names and a great deal of unique characteristics to select from.

There's always the plastic-type ones that are really light in weight.

However just about all these will not go far simply because of their material.
Using them there is almost no temperature maintenance as they rely a lot on the outside temp.
There's as well the ordinary coffee mug that is made of stainless steel.
A lot of these are spill-proof yet they don't preserve the temperature very long.

The majority of of the time, the environment can change the temperature of the beberage within.
I have made use of numerous types of travel mugs, but there is one that stood out.

It's a travel mug that I found over the internet and is known as "Easy and cool" advanced generation travel mug.
After carrying out some analysis, analyzed some testimonials and compared several attributes of these types of travel mugs, I came to the conclusion that they are far better than the others.

However what truly tends to make it so exceptional is that it has a dual stainless steel wall that results in double insulation.

That means that when your drink gets cold or warm, it will last this way much longer than when compared to traditional travel mugs.

This is known as extended temperature preservation.

This dual stainless-steel characteristic helps make these travel mugs more long lasting and shock proof.

So even when you drop your mug unexpectedly, it will not break off very easily.

Because of the spillage proof design this mug decreases the danger of accidental leaks which is particularly beneficial if having hot drinks as it can protect against burns.

It also minimizes the possibilities of youngsters consuming beverages that are inappropriate for them, such as cocktails and so forth.

Another brilliant feature of this mug is that even when this container is packed of water, it will still stay above on the water.

So no matter whether you're camping or outside in the river or just hanging out in your swimming pool, it will never sink.

The weight is just ideal and you can easily bring this travel mug anywhere you go.

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